Can I accompany a relative to the hospital or visit an admitted person?

Can I accompany a relative to the hospital or visit an admitted person?

From the beginning of the alarm state there are many autonomous communities that have been establishing regulations for hospital control and all kinds of limitations with the aim of preventing a greater propagation of COVID-19.However, during these days another type of emergencies that require attention are still happening.

To the question of whether you can accompany a relative to the hospital, the answer is that yes, provided that the limitation of a single companion per patient is respected and when it is complement.The main objective is, as explained by sources from the department or health of the Government of Aragon, limit the number of people who frequent hospitals during the time the emergency to the maximum.

Similarly, and on visits to patients admitted to the hospital, according to the last update, the general norm marked by the Government of Aragon recommends that visits in hospital centers be limited to a companion per patient as long as they do notisolated people.

Regarding the isolation measures adopted in hospital centers in our autonomous community, as long as they are not confirmed cases of coronavirus for which the appropriate isolation conditions must be maintained - among which the prohibition of visits by visits are includedof relatives or companions-, the general norm admits the company of a relative per patient.

¿Puedo acompañar a un familiar al hospital o visitar a una persona ingresada?

However, as it has been collected in the latest update of the sanitary protocol, an exception will be made for those cases of minors or patients who require it for those who must guarantee the necessary measures for their protection by using adequate individual protective equipment.

In the same way, and although this corresponds to each hospital, a registration of the people who enter the room is necessary to the elaboration of a list of the people who have been in contact with the patient..

The response to most consultations: common sense

Can I go to a medical review?How far can I go to make the purchase?How long can I be walking to the dog?As several representatives of the Bodies and Security Forces of the State of Aragon explain, the response to the vast majority of the issues that arise from the declaration of the alarm state on March 14 is the same: it is enough to make use of common sense.

"There is no temporary limitation or a minimum agreed distance.You have to try to be the shortest possible time away from home, ”explain sources from the Civil Guard, who remember that there are certain measures that have been updated and adapting to the reality of each person, such as being able to take a child orA dependent person in a vehicle."For the rest of the cases the general norm speaks of a single occupant per vehicle," they highlight, while ensuring that most citizens are positively responding to measures.

For their part, from the Local Police of Zaragoza remember that during these days controls are being carried out to both pedestrians and vehicles to guarantee the fulfillment of mobility restrictions decreed by the alarm state.

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