The bishop of Almería expels from the priestly house an emeritus bishop of the Congo sick with cancer

The bishop of Almería expels from the priestly house an emeritus bishop of the Congo sick with cancer

by redaccioninfovaticana | January 03, 2022

In Almería they do not believe Gómez Cantero's decision. In Antonio Gómez Cantero's Christmas message for the diocese of Almería, after his greeting and stating that "it is the first time he has stood before everyone", he explains that Christmas speaks of: portals, of people who come and go , of migrants.

A voice close to the bishopric told Infovaticana that «the Bishop of Almería's motto is to walk towards Emmaus, but the facts seem to contradict the paper, which can bear anything. Perhaps he could change it and put as his motto the parable of that priest who surrounded the sick man on the ground and had no mercy on him, on the way to Samaria. And so we find ourselves with two paths that intersect, towards Emmaus or towards Samaria».

This same source, says that "there is no talk of anything else in the gatherings of social movements and priests (who are more afraid than missionary spirit for what could happen) than the one who now rules with an iron cane in Almería He asks for money, but not for emigrants, even if they are bishops». In the same way, he regrets that «Cantero talks about welcome, table, hot or cold bread (you eat the same), meeting, boat, nativity scene, butterflies, lilies... but in the middle of Christmas he puts an emigrant on the street, even if he is a bishop, and also older, and also with cancer because they say that he says that he is not going to support it ».

Another priest from Almería laments the way of acting of the current bishop who goes through «a desire to please, as he also demonstrated in the upper neighborhood of the parish of San José when he approached the local grandparents to tell them: "Count on me and whatever you need, I'm here to help you" however, he kept Bishop Emeritus Adolfo González Montes without hot water who ended up suffering from bronchitis and even had to go to the hospital. All because it took more than two months for the boiler where he lives to be fixed.

The Bishop of Almería expels from the house priest to an emeritus bishop of the Congo sick with cancer

But the most striking thing, affirm these sources of absolute solvency, is his attitude towards the Congolese Bishop emeritus. According to diocesan sources, very close to Cantero, he went so far as to affirm: "let's see if you are going to put all the retired bishops of Africa here", ordering them to leave the San Juan de Ávila priestly house immediately.

The relationship of this bishop with Almería is very close. «This emeritus bishop of Boma spent long periods of time in Almería, always covered and welcomed by the emeritus bishop of Almería, hand in hand with a missionary who was very dear to all the citizens of Almería. Cipriano, the Congolese bishop, has been suffering from cancer for years and the diocese has always been his refuge to be able to treat his disease", sources familiar with the situation assure Infovaticana.

The situation is that in the middle of Christmas, he had to leave the priestly house to go to the house of some nuns. "They come and go, because the nuns who have been able to welcome this sick bishop at his eighty years of age do not have kitchen service and it is the workers of the priestly house where he lived who willingly bring him food daily and extend their hand to help this emeritus from Congo to wash his clothes and assist him in his illness. Until Cantero, who seems not to remember that talking about migrants begins by reaching out to those who are next to him, once again prohibits paying any attention to this elderly African bishop", lamented these people who see what is happening with pity and sadness. in the diocese.

Finally, another action that does not match the bishop's "poverty, savings, austerity" discourse would be the recent acquisition of a Ssangyong brand car, a Korand model whose market price is between 20,000 and 25,000 euros at its highest range. What is not clear, these sources point out, is how he would have financed the purchase of the vehicle, if he is on his own or if it was given to him as a gift. "We want the bishop to clarify it and give explanations," these sources told Infovaticana.

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