Love Island: premiere date, channel, contestants and format of the new 'reality' with Cristina Pedroche

Love Island: premiere date, channel, contestants and format of the new 'reality' with Cristina Pedroche


Aterriza en la pequeña pantalla el nuevo 'reality' de Atresmedia en el que un grupo de solteros y solteras conviven en una lujosa villa en CanariasLove Island: Fecha de estreno, canal, concursantes y formato del nuevo 'reality' con Cristina Pedroche Love Island: Fecha de estreno, canal, concursantes y formato del nuevo 'reality' con Cristina Pedroche

A new 'reality' arrives at the small screen in our country.This is 'Love Island', an Atresmedia contest that is called to emulate the success of 'The island of the temptations' by Mediaset.

This is the great commitment of Atresmedia (it will also be produced by Boomerang TV), also supported by the revenues that the original Itv Studios format has given both in the United Kingdom and in the twenty European countries to which it has reached.

Love Island: premiere date and schedule

Atresmedia's new 'reality' lands shortly on television.The premiere is scheduled for next Sunday, April 11, although on the night of this Wednesday, April 7 will have a small advance in Antena 3 after the premiere of a new chapter of 'Woman'.

Where to see Love Island

Atresmedia's commitment to this type of programs will start with a small snack on Antena 3 but its official premiere and subsequent emissions will be broadcast on the Neox Canal.

Cristina Pedroche, presenter of 'Love Island'

To drive 'Love Island' the chain has chosen Cristina Pedroche, usual collaborator of numerous programs of Antena 3 or La Sexta."You will have much to decide in this program," said the presenter.

Love Island format

In its adaptation to the Spanish version, its essence does not differ too much from what has triumphed in 'The island of temptations'.In this case, they are a group of single and single, living in a luxurious village located in a paradisian place, which will unleash the morbidity of the audience and the contestants themselves matching each other, first and competing against other couples, then whileThose who are off -hooking are expelled.

In addition, spectators can participate and make decisions to influence that they are some contestants or others to leave the Canary Islands, a scenario in which the evidence and coexistence of this group of single.

Love Island: contestants


Love Island: Fecha de estreno, canal, concursantes y formato del nuevo 'reality' con Cristina Pedroche

He was born in Italy but resides in Tenerife.Study Administration Finance and Marketing and works as a saleswoman in a clothing store.He says he is a warrior and that his tastes are very masculine (Kick-Boxing, cars, risk sports) and that this can be an advantage in 'Love Island when competing with the typical' princesss' for a boy.


It is from Malaga and has the higher degree in dramatic art.He currently works as secretary of a dental clinic.He has a family he loves and affirms that his future girlfriend has to pass his mother's exam, his grandmother, his sister and cat, whom he has tattooed in the chest.


He is 29 years old and is from Barcelona.He has a medium degree of decorative personal and works as a pop assistant.In love he considers that he has not had luck and as a good pound, he has fantasized with a romantic life in the pure Disney style, but it does not take long to put his feet on the ground again and give himself from Bruces with reality with reality.


This Madrid has studied technical architecture, is 30 years old and opposes firefighter.His reference as a couple is his parents who have been together since he was 16 years old and hopes to find in 'Love Island' the woman with whom to form a family, although he recognizes that he likes flirting and the conquest that relationships themselves.


27 -year -old Canary.He is studying a higher cycle and currently works as a commercial.The children are well dressed, gentlemen and with a lot.


He is 24 years old and resides in A Coruña.He works as an electrician and is currently studying dietary and nutrition.He believes that his smile and height are his irresistible weapons of seduction and affirms that, if he proposes it, there is no girl who does not fall to her charms;She defines herself as a head in both life and love, but she recognizes that she can be discouraged if they overwhelm her and cut her wings.


This Valencian resident in Madrid is 26 years old and has a degree in Nursing.Vionconchelista and Training and Profession nurse, took out his studies with a very good note and won a place in a Madrid hospital where Sol has worked at Sun taking care of Covid patients.After a very hard months, he says he needs a vacation to relax and forget all the stress of his work.


He is 28 years old and is from Madrid but resides in Granada.He is Higher Technician Physical Activities of Sports and Professional Athlete.Look for a girl who knows how to do braids, touch the piano and respect that children's and fantasy side that she claims to have and that, for many years, is not willing to lose.


Of Irish descent, although it resides in Bilbao.She is an English teacher and is 29 years old.In love it has not gone quite well.He had a three -year relationship that ended badly and since then has been single because he does not find whoever fills him.She defines herself as an outgoing, fun and nothing jealous girl because she is very sure of herself.


He is 26 years old, is Pamplona and has studied INEF and is a personal coach.He affirms that flirting is easy for him thanks to his physique but now looking.Although having known the most exotic places, this globetrotter does not forget its origins and affirms that he misses the quiet life in the small town outside Pamplona in which he grew up.

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