Should you use a male skirt?We tell you why

Should you use a male skirt?We tell you why

Fashion statementla male tendency to wear skirts is very in vogue.You dare?We give you 10 reasons for you to wear a male skirt this summer but now!

By Alejandro Mancilla

Use or not use male skirt?That is the question.

Perhaps one of the last borders to cross without a visa in terms of unisex fashion.And it is undoubtedly more and more men who join this trend.With the help and advice of Cynthia Gómez, academic and in charge of the Design Department of Universidad Iberoamericana Campus Santa Fe CDMX and former Coordinator of the Degree in Clothing and Fashion Design, we prepare the reasons why you should have a couple (or more) of skirts in your wardrobe.

Because using it is a declaration of principles (which can even symbolize equality and support towards women)

Using a male skirt in these times is a statement that reflects the openness to the times we are living.If you are a man and use a skirt, he says a lot about you, as you are a disruptive person who does not care about stereotypes and that you are causing something in others that finally breaks with the established in a certain way.In addition, in some contexts you can denote that you are an ally of feminism.

Because using a male skirt is revolutionary

In case you had not noticed, we are living a gender revolution, and just as women at some time of the twentieth century began using pants as part of that struggle for gender equality, with that same inclusive philosophy in the mind, theissue of this opening for men to use this type of long garments before the women exclusively for women.In this new paradigm that comes from the hand of a change of mentality, the use of male skirts is worth more than ever.Of course, in addition, the use of these can make you see how a rebel without cause in times when piercings and tattoos use them to your ultra-conservatives and conservative neighbors and are no longer so transgressive that we say.

Because it can make you more attractive

Regardless of your sexual preferences, the use of skirts can be very attractive to women.Of course, that depends on the context in which you move and definitely certain types of people with certain alternative social constructions will like it, and other more traditionalists will not love so much or reject it.For our interviewee, a very conventional woman can find him unpleasant, but "the modern woman who identifies with sexual equality, the identity of sex and unisex fashion" could find him irresistible in his safe area.Ready to carry a skirt and get the attention of more skirts per minute?

Because they are super comfortable

"That is another valid issue," says our interviewee, "using a skirt can be very hygienic and comfortable, the Scots know and use skirts, among other reasons, for comfort.In addition, using this type of garment is healthy for male sexual organs ”, concludes.What more important than that?Not to mention the comfortable and the ad hoc that this accessory can be in heat times."I always thought that men are not physically designed to wear pants," said ANDnglish designer Michael Fish, creator that the male skirts David Bowie used in his early years.

Because this is what new masculinities dictate

¿Deberías usar una falda masculina? Te decimos por qué sí

Without a doubt, the skirt for men is the stellar garment of the new masculinities.Men who are really sure of their sexuality and personality, whatever their tendency, are able to carry one and become relevant."They are men who have no prejudices," says the advisor interviewed, "they are not afraid of the probable social rejection and adopt this type of accessories that are disruptive in a homogeneous world," Zanja.

Because it is a fashion that is worth recovering

No, in truth, the trend is not new, and we can track the use of male skirts in different stages in history and in different cultures and contexts.For example, to this day, the KBT skirt is a basic accessory in Scotland and in modern Greece, some milla -gala suits still indicate in their codes the use of skirts - or Fustanellas - in men.Or let's not go so far (at least not regionally speaking), the ancient Aztecs used them and called them Cueitly much more recently in Japan, the crossplay (wearing clothes traditionally destined for the opposite sex) has put in vogue the use of skirts in men in men.If much of the fashion success is to recycle trends, why not apply with it and recover it?Let us also remember that the first steps were taken the hippie movement with the fashion of bell pants, long hair and flowers as male accessories.Now, maybe it's the skirt turn.

Because wearing a skirt has nothing to do with your virility

The use of skirts does not have to do with your sexual preference, if you like women, men or both.On the contrary, it is the use of the skirt can be a reaffirmation of your virility, your safety in yourself and to assume a free sexuality, regardless of your preferences (you can even be pansexual).More than a statement of sexual principles, it is a reaffirmation that one lives in a world where a new conformation of social models develops.Not for nothing, characters with high testosterone such as Vin Diesel, have used unpaid skirts in some public events.

Because the most avant -garde characters use them

We like it or not, characters like Kanye West continue to dictate trend.That is why we resumed one of his statements from almost a decade ago when he was questioned about how to carry a black skirt of Ricardo Tisci's Givenchy skin: “Who decides what is rude and what is not?In the past the warriors killed people in combat, using skirts, ”he said.Like him, many music, cinema and art characters have been captured from male skirts, very (very) sure of themselves.While currently those who opt for this fashion are mostly influencers or artists, the arrival at the mainstream of these accessories seems to be something not very distant.Of course, if you are going to start using a skirt, do it in a comfortable and safe space (your school, a party, concert or gallery, or even your work depending on whether it is a creative area and you are not a traffic agent or executive of a bank) And do not go to the subway in peak time when it is still a fashion that can cause opinions found.

Because they can be as alternative or as formal as you want

In the 90s of the last century, many figures arising after the explosion of alternative music and nü metal of the decade, adopted the use of skirts in their scenic proposal.For example, Jonathan Davis the Körn singer, who wore a schoolgirl skirt in his performances or Michael Stipe de R.AND.M.who many times wore a Tibetan style model.Or what to say of Kurt Cobain and (on the side of the hard-rock) axl rose using Scottish skirt.Currently, influential figures such as Bad Bunny (from urban music) or British Harry Styles, have been captured using elegant skirts. ANDn 2019, el grupo inglés The Cure regresó a México y Diego Solórzano, integrante del grupo Rey Pila, fue visto en backstage saludando a Robert Smith (el líder de The Cure) y luciendo una glamurosa falda masculina de flores. Pero además del uso de las falditas con fines glamurosos de parte de algunas estrellas del rock y el pop, esta prenda puede ser usada con mucha clase, como hemos detectado recientemente en fotografías de ANDzra Miller o Jared Leto, quienes portan con elegancia sus faldas masculinas en alfombras rojas o fiestas.O qué decir que ANDwan McGregor que fue pionero en esos menesteres (en ANDspaña, Miguel Bosé hizo lo propio desde los años 80), Jaden Smith o Ashton Kutcher, quien alguna vez fue fotografiado luciendo una falda militar.

Because the fashion world is committed to it

ANDn el mundo de la moda varios diseñadores han apostado por esta tendencia y las pasarelas internacionales han sido escenario de lo bien que pueden lucir unas faldas en un caballero contemporáneo.For example, the designer based in Barcelona, Boris Bidjan, who presented models to the knees in the spring-summer 2018 season or the American Thom Browne, who has a collection of male skirts designed specially designed for the Chic office worker.In addition, brands such as Gucci or Maison Margiela already have some their own models.And what about the crusade of designer Marc Jacobs for imposing the skirt as a male accessory, which has even led to design even complete dresses for men by the hand of the Vuitton?But beyond the glamor of fashion parades, it is increasing.