Silent, portable, by ultrasound, low consumption this is the best -selling air in Amazon

Silent, portable, by ultrasound, low consumption this is the best -selling air in Amazon

If you are fresh today while on the street the thermometers mark about 40 degrees is thanks to Lord Kelvin.By William Thomson Kelvin, who gave name to Kelvin's degrees as a result of his dynamic heat theory presented in 1851, part of the idea that later made the air conditioning possible.

But it was Willis Carrier who, looking at the mist at a Pittsburgh train station in 1902, had the idea of drying the air making it pass through the water to create fog.Hence the possibility of manufacturing air with specific amounts of moisture and what is now known as air conditioning.

At present we do not conceive to go to a shopping center, a cinema or even work without the air conditioning control the temperature and humidity.Life makes us more comfortable, but also thanks to it survives most of our industry and economy.

In fact, the first modern air conditioning system was installed in the summer of 1902 in a Brooklyn printing press (New York).Thus the printer solved the problems that the temperature and humidity changes caused in the dimensions of the paper and prevented him from aligning the inks correctly.

Today, without going any further, the computers and more specifically the servers that keep all the information and thanks to which we can develop most of our tasks would not endure the high temperatures of not being for the refrigeration systems.

It is only an obvious case, but production as we know it is largely sustained thanks to this invention, and it is not only a matter of human comfort.The United States textile industries were the first to use the air conditioning.When they used it, they improved the humidity level and reduced the excess static electricity, thereby preventing cotton from fraying and making it better woven.

Although temperature and humidity control is key to almost all our industries, at domestic level we are increasingly concerned.In many latitudes of the world the summer months are not easy to bear, and with them conditions such as heat blows are avoided.

Silencioso, portátil, por ultrasonido, de bajo consumo Así es el aire acondicionado más vendido en Amazon

For many people it is increasingly important to be able to have an air conditioning where they are.You do not always have or can be installed one.Ayogg is a small but powerful device for its dimensions, since it has ultrasound spray cooling technology.

Aygogg atomizes the water of the tank in ultrafine water molecules while the fan expels cold and humid air.You can add ice cubes in the tank and essential oils in the sponge, so the stay can be colder and with a pleasant aroma.

This device is the best selling in Amazon in its category.This influence, without a doubt, that it can cool the surrounding air and without causing the feeling of dry skin that is experienced with others.

Aygogg fan is an air conditioning for individual use, which allows you to create a personal area conditioned.Reaches 4.000 RMP, with a maximum wind speed of up to 3.5 meters to the second, which can also be oriented between 60 and 120 degrees.And the speed is also regulated in low, medium or high.

Silence is one of its characteristics, since its 40 db does not affect rest, just like its intelligent light.In addition, it is low energy consumption, it is already only 8 W per hour and only uses 0.192kw electricity after 24 hours.

You can buy it here for 55.99 euros.

A mini 4 in 1

Amicool's mini portable air conditioning is a four in one, by adding a fan, purifier, humidifier and night light light.Cool without resecting the air and reduces the dust and bacteria of the environment.It has three speeds and intelligent noise reduction technology.Its filter is of a resistant non -woven material with a greater water storage capacity and it is not necessary to remove it or clean it.In addition, it has USB.

You can buy it here for 38.98 euros.

Portable tower

The Newtexk air conditioning and aromatization tower is an evaporative air conditioning without a tube that has the added advantage that it is laptop thanks to its four multidirectional turn wheels.It has three speeds, oscillates 120 degrees and with its 80 w it is low consumption.It carries two freezable containers to be able to reduce the temperature more and all in a 57 x 26 cm 23 cm

You can buy it here for 59.90 euros.

With bee nest waterfall

It looks like a Dyson dryer, but Supalak is a mobile air conditioning with silent and powerful engine, which uses advanced cooling technology.It is equipped with a bee nest cascade system that drives hot air to the ice water and then distributes the cold air to the entire room.Your 2 -liter tank allows you to cool more than eight hours.It has four timers, three speeds and its Celdek water curtain interior can filter 99.55% of the dust in the air while cooling.

You can buy it here for 129.99 euros.

With eight colors

The Homie brand has this portable and silent air conditioning, which consumes little with its only 5.5 w of power.It is personal and perfect for traveling.Its dual fan provides double cooling and is also humidifier, night light with eight colors and air purifier, since it wears two high quality activated carbon filter chip with which the impurities filters and eliminates the smells.You have three speeds and you can add ice to improve the freshness experience.

You can buy it here for 47.99 euros.

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