Gamarra goes to your house: the online site where you can buy for delivery

Gamarra goes to your house: the online site where you can buy for delivery

To sell you also have to help. This is how one of the digital ventures began in the heart of Gamarra in the midst of a pandemic. Four daring characters, including Alexander Chang, an expert in e-commerce and business development in South America and the United Kingdom, and Oswaldo Nomura, a designer and architect with many years of experience in shopping centers and the retail sector, decided to change the dynamic of the most important textile center of Peru.

Half a million people entered and left the emporium daily, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics ( INEI ). This generated more than 70,000 jobs with sales of more than 30 million soles per day and 6,000 million per year. Everything changed with COVID-19, as more than 30,000 businesses closed and bankruptcy was imminent.

Luis Granda, a third generation Gamarrino, was among those affected. He contacted his friends to analyze a possible way out of the problem. Gamarra Click , which was already circulating in the imagination of its creators, had to come true. “The project began shortly before the pandemic and it finally came to fruition because that was the way to go,” says Nomura, convinced that where there is a crisis, there is an opportunity.

“The mindset should be trial and error, like science. There is no given solution to digitize Gamarra, it is constant learning. Together with the entrepreneurs, we discovered many novelties. Today we are a solution for it ”says Chang, while always supporting the ideas of his partner, who sees the thriving trade as the largest center of innovation.

Gamarra va a tu casa: el sitio online donde puedes comprar por delivery

However, what sets them apart from other online stores? “ We offer a complete service and we have two clients: the entrepreneur and the buyer ”, Oswaldo maintains. Not surprisingly, the platform provides assistance to its partners with the creation of their stores, taking photos, loading products, generating orders, delivery and customer service so that they can focus on selling.

They took care of every detail, presence in the galleries does not allow changes to the style of other businesses, but they made that possible. In addition, they thought about the fear of their clients, since the clothes might not be their size, so they also placed the measurements.

Known for a mixture of qualities, according to Chang, the emporium "has three distinctive characteristics: quantity, quality and competitive prices." "The purpose is also that these prices are in accordance with the quality of the product," says Oswaldo.

If it is a guarantee, the formality goes ahead. For a new partner to join, it is necessary to have a RUC, own brand, address in Gamarra, issue invoices and, above all, a desire to sell.

With efficient logistics, orders reach almost the entire capital for only 10 soles as the cost of delivery and 15 for any part of the country. If you used to go to La Victoria for the famous purchase of three quarters or half a dozen to save, on the platform you will also find these offers. Simply, now Gamarra goes to your house with the 70 entrepreneurs added to the project, which seeks to exceed 500 this 2021.

“There is no day like it. The idea is to make a sustainable business. This venture has the potential to grow and help. Digitization is a path that we take out of conviction”, says Oswaldo Nomura.

If you want to be in Gamarra, but from your home, go to and not only save time and money, but also boost many homes. “What I wanted is to generate social impact and learning. We help thousands of families to get ahead” concludes Alexander Chang.

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