We heart we talk to Fabiola Martínez about his new job and about Kike's 15th birthday

We heart we talk to Fabiola Martínez about his new job and about Kike's 15th birthday

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"I am delighted with my children, in my new house, with all the projects we have at the Foundation and with my new position at work, I don't need more".Rotunda and happy, Fabiola Martínez (49 years old) talks with the Spanish about how he has started for her in 2022.Twelve months after knowing her separation from Bertín Osborne (67), the Venezuelan claims to be "excited" with what is currently happening in her life, because good news is flooding her day to day in this new vital stage.

Fabiola has his personal and professional agenda full of projects that he wants to "enjoy without expectations" too ambitious.The exmodel has been released in its new labor position this month of January, a special position in the real estate company in which it has been working for almost four years.In addition, it announces to this medium a great project that has to launch the Bertín Osborne Foundation that presides very soon.

The marketing expert also wanted to tell this newspaper how she faces that her son Kike enters adolescence this Monday, January 31, when she will celebrate her birthday."I had an emotional shock," he reveals in his conversation with this newspaper.

Fabiola faces 2022 with great illusion and with great projects.Gtres

Fabiola, has had a week full of commitments this week.It combines their work schedules with the workshops of families of the Foundation and now they have a very ambitious project in hands.Tell us.

In the Foundation since we paralyzed the pandemic we could not do workshops that is one of our strengths, so we began to machine to see what we could do to continue attending to families.So we aspire high and we have finally achieved it.We have created our own app in which we are going to give 360 attention to families in all areas: from legal, medical, psychological advice...Always looking to help parents and the whole family environment.We do it shortly.

It is a very ambitious project...

Corazón Hablamos con Fabiola Martínez sobre su nuevo puesto de trabajo y sobre el 15º cumpleaños de Kike

It does not make a lot of illusion, because it is many years.This will allow to cover more needs that we did not arrive before and more families.We have a very important quarry of professionals, and in fact I do not believe that there is any foundation that has it like us.For the application we can help not only families in this country, but also from outside Spain, imagine.

Would you say that it is the most exciting project that you have been able to carry out at the Foundation?

They are all.When we started almost 12 years ago, many things have happened, all projects are special.Because he thinks that when you do something from the origin it is like something so yours that every time we start something new, the illusion is to see it materialized.From the workshops, that when we started thinking about serving families, it seemed quite ambitious because we went to many cities and we wanted more and more and growing...Well, the same thing has happened to us with the app.So I don't know if it is the most exciting, but it is perhaps the most powerful.

The Venezuelan has released this January a new position in the real estate company in which she works.Gtres

In addition, I imagine that the omicron variant will have affected them...

Yes, totally.In fact, we have been infected my son Carlos and I.My son Kike spent the covid in the first wave of the disease, and thank God, he was asymptomatic.And Carlos and I now recently.You have to be very careful because our children's children are at risk, which have many complications to attend.

And is Carlos well well?

Yes.The luck is that Carlos arrived from Seville on the 7th for Christmas holidays.That day I felt bad, I was already leaving my virus and I did the test and gave positive, so he had no contact with the school.But during these days we have received notifications of children who have had contact and that have isolated them and the online classes have worked phenomenal.

How is your son Kike?

Very good, it's a champion, I already tell you.

It is his birthday and this Monday, January 31, he is getting older.

Fifteen years now!The other day I had a little emotional shock, because I went to buy clothes and went to the children's section.And I told the dependents, 'hey is that there are only until 14, there are no 15-16' and they replied: 'No, that is already an adult' '.And me: 'But how as an adult!'(laughs).He had to go buy his clothes, and I thought 'he will look big', because no, he looks perfect, but in my head, you know, it's my child.

Is that with 15 he is already a total teenager...

In addition, 15, but what 15, because it is like his father, two meters per two meters, large.

Fabiola with his children Carlos and Kike this Christmas in his new house (owned by Carlos Sobera).Instagram

And how are you currently, Fabiola?

I phenomenal, work, very happy, I've been working on this company for almost four years, I have done several things, let's say I have touched several areas.Before I was more public relations, I was in charge of organizing events...And now, as they have an office in Madrid, since this summer they have offered me to carry communication and marketing, which is also something that I have been doing over many years.And I am delighted, I started in January and butt, I want to do many things.I go to creative and marketing teams so that everything goes in the right sense.

What a great news.It begins very well on 2022 then for you, to see if it is true that this is the year of hope at last.

Well, I don't believe expectations, because you have more possibilities to regret, if you are simply and enjoy the moment.The more you project to the future you have many possibilities that maybe you do not accept.I, for example, did not expect me to offer me this work, this position, and I am delighted.Because I live my day to day and I am not thinking 'I am going to do this tomorrow and the other'.This year I will enjoy it, now what I am, doing my best and is already.I am delighted with my children, in my new house, with all the projects we have in the foundation that really emotionally is what fills me the most and then with my work, I don't need more.

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