Prevent stretch marks

Prevent stretch marks

Stretch marks are the consequence of a sudden and sudden change of weight, either loss or increase.They usually appear on buttocks, legs, breasts and belly.The skin stretches abruptly and cracks resulting in red line that over time becomes whitish.

According to the brand of natural cosmetics DR.Hauschka, from 50 to 90% of women who have been pregnant have stretch marks.But not only mothers suffer from this aesthetic problem, many women and some men also have stretch marks.Stretch marks are one of the most common and difficult to fight beauty problems.For this reason it is preferable to avoid them and apply some preventive methods against them.Many people turn to cosmetics with chemical compounds but stretch marks can be eliminated following five simple and healthy methods.

Eat zinc rich foods

Zinc is an essential mineral that people need for the proper functioning of the body's defenses system, for cell growth and wound healing.To prevent the skin from cracking and stretch marks it is necessary to follow a diet rich in this mineral.

Foods such as lamb meat, oysters, wheat germ, veal liver, pumpkin seeds or black chocolate contain large amounts of zinc.

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Introduce vegetables rich in vitamin A, C and D to your diet

Vitamin to help the formation and maintenance of teeth, soft and bone tissues, mucous membranes and skin.This vitamin is found naturally in many foods, both foods of plant origin and food of animal origin.It contains milk, eggs, carrots, spinach or melon.

Vitamin D is produced naturally by the human body when exposed to direct sunlight.In addition to the production by the body through sunlight, our body can obtain vitamin D from some types of food, which contain it such as fish, eggs or mushrooms.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient required by the body for the development and maintenance of the scar tissue, blood vessels and cartilage.We can obtain a contribution of vitamin C eating fruits such as kiwi, orange or strawberries and vegetables such as peppers or green leafy vegetables.

Drink a lot of water

The liquid is essential for the turgidity of the skin.It is recommended that adults drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day.

Massage the skin with vegetable oils

Rosa Mosqueta oil helps to nurture and regenerate the dermis, therefore, is excellent for preventing the appearance of stretch marks.It is advisable.

Endrina flower oil strengthens the skin, providing heat, protection and elasticity.This oil is better distributed on the still wet skin after the shower or bathroom.Thus an emulsion originates that penetrates the skin better and helps to maintain its hydration.

Vegetable oils are natural and very beneficial to maintain well hydrated skin.They are highly recommended to avoid the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.

Avoid slimming or fattening sharply

Follow extreme diets such as the so -called miracle diets, with which they get weight quickly, help the appearance of stretch marks and are not good for health.It is best to maintain a balanced and constant weight.To prevent stretch marks, you also have to follow a low impact physical activity every day, and avoid spending a long time in the same posture, whether standing or sitting.

During pregnancy it is difficult to avoid the appearance of stretch marks due to the expansion of the abdomen and hormonal changes.It is recommended to reduce salt consumption, sweets, processed foods and fast foods.Links of interest:

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