The best blankets for the sofa

The best blankets for the sofa


We have selected five soft, comfortable and beautiful blankets to protect yourself from the cold at home

Paula Perez Miranda

The expression "afternoon blanket and sofa" is not just a phrase and it is literally a way to pass the time, but not in any way, it is about resting in a cozy and comfortable environment . Thus, the ideal and faithful companion of the sofa is the blanket, which becomes essential when cold days arrive and we want to take refuge while we watch our favorite series or enjoy a nap. Also, the blankets are perfect as decoration and can be used as protective covers for the sofa, so they are completely practical.Best Couch Throws Best Couch Throws

In EL PAÍS Showcase we have made a selection of some of the best models of blankets; warm, of different sizes and pleasant to the touch.

Amazon Basics Throw, Assorted Colors

Stylish throw with a velvet finish, made from an ultra-soft fabric to feel pleasantly warm. It has measurements of 167.64 x 228.6 centimeters and is suitable for the washing machine, so it is easy to clean. It is available in a wide range of sizes and different colors, for all tastes.

This product has been manufactured in compliance with high safety standards and protecting the environment, with a certification that ensures it.

The softest one

This blanket is made of high-density polyester 'microplush' fabric, to provide a velvety touch, softer than microfiber.
Buy from €19.19 on Amazon

Amazon Basics Faux Fur Throw

Blanket made of polyester for superb softness. It is approximately 1.27 centimeters thick, measures 150 x 200 centimeters and an ivory color that fits with any type of decoration, adding a sophisticated touch to the environment. It stands out for its double face, one side is soft and the other is more velvety.

Soothing warmth

The Amazon Basics faux fur blanket provides natural warmth and extra comfort compared to other blankets thanks to its feel. It is perfect for frosty nights and the colder months.
Buy for €32.25 on Amazon

Therapeutic blanket for the sofa

The best blankets for sofa

The Brentfords blanket is designed to provide a relaxing sleep experience, using a method that involves tactile pressure therapy. Thus, it is a therapeutic blanket that guarantees maximum relaxation in its use. It measures 125 x 150 centimeters, and is perfect for both a single bed and a sofa.

It has been made with toxic-free polyester and glass microbeads, which makes the blanket breathable and comfortable. It is made up of sewn pockets, with microfiber padding, and includes an ecological transport bag, so you can easily take it anywhere. It is available in three different sizes, with variations in price, and in the colors pink and grey. Likewise, it can be purchased with different weights, the 4 kilogram blanket is recommended for children, while the 6 and 8 kilogram blanket is preferable for adults.

For greater well-being

The blanket has been designed with weight, since it is thanks to this that it is possible to generate the deep tactile pressure stimulation therapy . Manages to relieve stress, insomnia and anxiety, creating a calming effect.
Buy from €34.36 on Amazon

Flannel blanket for the sofa

Flannel plush blanket, which provides extra softness and comfort every time it is used. It has an elegant and minimalist design, which allows it to complement the decoration of the home and living room with a sophisticated touch. Its touch is extra soft, to guarantee a pleasant atmosphere. It is easy to clean and dries quickly. It is available in a multitude of colors and is very practical, since thanks to its thickness it is the perfect blanket to keep warm at any time of the year.

Wrinkle resistant

Made from a double-sided polyester and microfiber fabric; which makes it wrinkle resistant, more durable and highly breathable.
Buy from €16.99 on Amazon

Reversible blanket for the sofa, different colors

Reversible blanket made of flannel, to provide an extra soft touch. It is more resistant to stains than a cotton blanket, so it guarantees greater durability. In addition, it is quick to clean, since it dries almost instantly thanks to its composition with microfiber polyester. It is available in countless colors, for all tastes.

Reversible Design

The double-sided reversible design gives you a different softness with one fluffy side on the other, so you can choose one side or the other depending on of the needs. In addition, its seams are sealed with quality, for greater resistance and durability.
Buy from €27.99 on Amazon

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