Traveling with children is easier thanks to Lidl

Traveling with children is easier thanks to Lidl

Although we are in full time of Coronavirus and with the new variant whipping stronger than ever, there are many people who have no choice but to travel to meet their relatives on these dates so indicated, some even to foreign countries and how at this timeChristmas we travel the whole family, with children included.Making the suitcase for a child is complicated, and more if it is in winter, you never know if putting things in their own suitcase and that they cannot wear it, or put the clothes next to that of other family members...But Lidl brings a product that all children will worship, because in addition to making them participants on the trip they can count on their own suitcase with children's motifs that also carries a built -in seat and is easy to transport for them.

If Lidl normally thinks of the whole family with their products for cleaning the home or their small appliances, it also does so in these dates if it fits even more for the little ones in the house.In addition to having an extensive catalog of toys, we are proposed by these children's suitcases that are a "bargain".

The suitcases with children's motifs that the German supermarket chain has for sale are an “imitation” to a very famous brand of suitcases for children who have been selling years and are very popular.

Suitcase and seat, a two in one

Viajar con niños es más fácil gracias a Lidl

The children's travel suitcase already for sale in Lidl is a very resistant rigid suitcase in hand luggage format.This suitcase will be the ideal travel companion for the little ones because they can sit, play, drive or let yourself be dragged without any problem.The comfortable wavy profile is ideal for younger children to sit when they are more tired.In addition this suitcase has special handles so that children themselves can carry their suitcase.

The belt that is incorporated is adjustable length to be able to pull the suitcase or hang it.The closure of the children's suitcase has blocking to be safer.Its interior equipment has an additional pocket and cross strap to be able to place all objects comfortably inside the suitcase.

Lidl has this children's suitcase in 4 different reasons: firefighters, fairies, pirate and unicorn, so you can choose the reason you like best or even if you have several children you can opt for several suitcases to be able to differentiate who each one is.Also if you are one of those who travel by plane, the reasons so cheerful and different of these suitcases will have no loss in the conveyor belt if it is one of those who invoice the suitcases.

The volume of each suitcase is 18 and the maximum weight that can be put in each luggage is 12 kg.Children.The measures is one of those things that concern us when we travel, especially by plane, but these suitcases are perfectly compatible to be able to go in cabin since their measures are approx.48 x 21 x 33 cm.

This rigid suitcases with children's motif.

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