Where can I donate toys in Andalusia this Christmas?  Guide by provinces so that no child is left without a gift

Where can I donate toys in Andalusia this Christmas? Guide by provinces so that no child is left without a gift

Despite the pandemic, the illusion of the smallest of each house continues this Christmas. Gifts, lights and school holidays are synonymous with these dates, although not in the same way for everyone. In many places where buying gifts is not so close at hand, and with the aim that no child is left without a game to have fun with, associations or groups from all the provinces of Andalusia are responsible for delivering toys donated that, in solidarity, many people want to share with those who can receive them with great enthusiasm. Where can games or toys be donated so that no child is left without the illusion of receiving a gift this Christmas? Information collected by Néstor Cenizo, Ana Sola, Carmen Reina, Álvaro López, Fermín Cabanillas and Francisco José Jiménez.


In Malaga, the initiatives of recognized entities such as Madre Coraje, Cáritas or the Red Cross are joined by others of a local or neighborhood nature. Zapas Solidarias, an association of running fans, organizes its sixth collection, which this year will not be accompanied by the traditional solidarity race. For its part, the El Palo Solidario platform has organized Operation Toy so that some 70 children from this Malaga neighborhood have their toys for Christmas.

In addition, several brotherhoods have grouped their initiatives in a common campaign, Toys for all. The toys collected until January 3 will be delivered to families served by various collaborating entities, such as the Nena Paine Association, the 'Los Asperones' Nursery School, Ciudad de los Niños, the Arrabal Foundation, the Missionary Crusades School, Fantasia in Lagunillas and the Plant of Oncology of the Maternal and Child Hospital.

In the capital, the Limasam cleaning company offers to pick up the toys at the place indicated. Several city councils in the province carry out similar actions, and Más País has proposed that investments in festive events be redirected towards the “investment and planning necessary to meet the objective “every child, a toy”.


In Almería, the children's and mother's hospital toy library received a donation for convalescent children in August from the Crecer Jugando Foundation and its A toy, an illusion campaign. This foundation aims to work to defend and promote one of the fundamental rights of children, recognized as such in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: the right to play.

In addition, like every year, the Youth Red Cross centralizes a large part of the donations. Last year they managed to collect 822 toys for the Your rights at stake campaign. This year it is expressly requested that they be new, non-war and non-sexist toys.


Cáritas Interparroquial in Jaén and the IES Jabalcuz in the capital have joined forces to guarantee that all children will have a gift at Christmas. The project is called Illusion Boxes and is promoted by María Victoria Reinoso, a teacher in the Mathematics Department of the school, with the support of the students and the rest of the school community.

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Cáritas Interparroquial de Jaén will be in charge of the distribution to the minors of the families that it accompanies through its teams in the capital. The first step is to define the profile of the recipient. To do this, age blocks have been established from 2 to 4 years old, from 5 to 8 and from 9 to 12. The second step is to get a shoe box, number 40, and where the age of the child must appear. will receive the gift. They ask that the box not be closed, so that the content can be supervised later, to ensure that it is appropriate for the minor's age.

For the choice of the gift or gifts, it is suggested that purchases be promoted in neighborhood establishments and shops. In addition, it is urged not to include glass objects, or toys already used or that induce violence. Participants are also asked to include in their boxes a letter "expressing hope and love for the child's family in this difficult time for all." The box can be delivered to the headquarters of Cáritas Interparroquial de Jaén, on Calle Maestro Bartolomé, number 7, in the capital, until December 21.

On the other hand, the Youth Red Cross launches every year a campaign to collect new toys and donations, called Their Rights at Play, so that the most vulnerable girls and boys can enjoy a toy in the most important time of their lives. growth.


In Córdoba capital, the municipal cleaning company Sadeco will adapt the Covid protocol to the solidarity collection of toys that it carries out annually to later distribute them among social entities that distribute them at Christmas to families without resources. Sadeco has set up different collection points for the toys so that they can be donated by residents throughout the city, both in neighborhoods of the capital and in peripheral neighborhoods, as Cordópolis has been able to confirm from company sources. After receiving the toys, they will remain "in quarantine" at the Sadeco facilities and will be disinfected before being distributed among the social entities and the recipient families.

Thus, collection points have been arranged until December 19 in the neighborhoods of Ciudad Jardín, Santa Rosa, Arroyo del Moro, El Cairo avenue, La Viñuela, Plaza del Moreal, Plaza de la Corredera and Sector Sur. It is expected that the subsequent distribution can be made on December 22.

The collection of toys on these dates carried out by Sadeco is already a tradition and, in the middle of the year of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been studied how to carry out this initiative so that children of all families can have a toy or game in this Christmas. Like every year, it is requested that the donated toys be in good condition or new and that they are not warlike or sexist.


Granada also joins the wave of solidarity with the little ones. In almost any corner of the province there is an association that has decided to participate in a toy collection. At the end of November, the Vegas del Genil City Council organized a campaign that managed to collect 1,200 kilos of food, clothing and toys for those most in need. Because solidarity this year is being accompanied not only by entertainment for children, but also by support to overcome a 2020 marked by Covid-19.

The GranaBip Bipolares volunteer organizes a toy collection every day at number 10 Chile Street. There, anyone who wishes can also donate food for children at risk of social exclusion from 10 in the morning to one in the afternoon. In turn, Granada Social organizes a solidarity collection from Monday to Friday on Calle Conde Cifuentes in the capital. And as is tradition, the Granada Red Cross, in collaboration with El Corte Inglés and Hispacolex, is carrying out its solidarity campaign with the aim of delivering toys to 2,100 children in Granada. In addition, they have launched a "line zero" so that those who wish to donate can do so: ES50 2038 3628 51600 0010 7217.


In Seville there are several solidarity initiatives so that no boy or girl is left without toys at Christmas. The Association of Friends of the Alamillo Park, the Red Cross, Caritas or Elves and Socks are some of its promoters. It is about claiming the right to play, recognized as a Right of Childhood. The Association of Friends of the Alamillo Park has been developing an initiative in this sense for around 25 years, with a double aspect: to send gifts to a sector of the child population that, due to the limited economic capacity of their families or due to their vital circumstances, , they would not have access to them; and, at the same time, generate among the small donors a feeling of solidarity and generosity that leads them to part with part of their toys so that other boys and girls can enjoy them.

These are, therefore, toys that have already been used, but are in perfect condition and are expressly packaged and prepared for this occasion. In this sense, this initiative provides a far from negligible perspective linked to recycling and sustainability. The association, which has its headquarters in the Cortijo del Alamillo, develops the collection of toys throughout the year. In fact, the security staff of this public area is responsible for collecting the toys that anyone can bring at any time, even if the association's headquarters are not open.

Among other initiatives, with the same objective but with a different philosophy, the Red Cross Assembly in Seville also carries out a powerful campaign to collect toys in the Seville capital every year when Christmas approaches. In this case, they are new, non-war and non-sexist toys, which are intended for boys and girls belonging to vulnerable families or at risk of exclusion. Specifically, according to the information provided by the Red Cross Youth Department in Seville, this year the collection will take place on several dates at three specific physical points: In Puerta de Jerez on December 13 and 14, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.; in Plasticosur, also on the 13th and 14th in the morning and afternoon; as well as on the 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th at Los Arcos Shopping Center. Last year, the Red Cross managed to collect toys through its campaign that reached a total of 1,106 families.


In Huelva, initiatives such as that of the Association for the Welfare of People of Huelva without Resources -Abiphur-, based in Lepe, stand out, which works all year round for people without resources, and this year it is collecting toys in collaboration with the Mushindo gyms.

An initiative that joins that of #Huelvaessolidaria, the idea launched in the capital so that anyone can collaborate by buying one or more toys (that are not violent) with almost a hundred companies and entities established as collaborating centers.

In case of not being able to go to any of the centers, the person interested in donating a toy can call one of the two taxi companies that operate in the city and pick it up for free at home.

In this edition, conditioned by the health crisis due to Covid-19, the organization of this citizen initiative is promoting maximum participation due to the fact that there has been a record in the demand from families who need this help. Likewise, it is taking into account the essential safety guarantees, so the toys will be sanitized in the last phase before delivery to mothers and fathers.

The coordinators of the campaign are the journalists María José Bayo, Lola Pelayo and Manu Suero, while the Red Cross is in charge of distribution.


In Cádiz capital there are two associations that lead the work to ensure that no child in Cádiz is left without toys on these dates. Amigas al Sur has been helping the disadvantaged for years and daily distributes food to more than 100 people. At Christmas, it accepts donations of new or used toys that will later be distributed in a caravan in which security measures will be scrupulously kept. Mobile 669199857

The Cádiz Shipyard Neighborhood Association collects toys throughout the year and promotes a campaign where the residents of the neighborhood collaborate with the most disadvantaged families by offering to buy toys for the children. It is a classic of solidarity in the Cadiz capital and also collaborates with the distribution of food. Mobile 663338529

In Jerez, the Cloisters of Santo Domingo once again host the 'Toys without limits' campaign. The collection of the toys, which must be new, will be until Sunday, December 20, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 5:15 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, while on Saturday and Sunday the opening will be only for the morning ()

Red Cross Youth has started the campaign 'Your rights at stake', with which it will collect donations of toys for 800 boys and girls from vulnerable families. The volunteers have set up collection points at the twelve headquarters of the organization in the province, in Arcos, Jerez, El Puerto, Rota, Chipiona, Cádiz, San Fernando, Chiclana, Medina Sidonia, Conil, Tarifa and Algeciras.