Curiosities Curiosities What does the red point mean on the forehead of the Indies?

Curiosities Curiosities What does the red point mean on the forehead of the Indies?

Many are the things that represent the cultural wealth of India, but perhaps one of the most significant elements of the Indians, and specifically their women, is the red point they carry on the forehead and which we explain now what it represents.Let's see below, what does the red point mean on the forehead of the Indies?.

What does the red point mean on the forehead of Hindus?

The red point that many Indians of India look in the forehead, and specifically women, is actually the red tilaka or bindi (which can be translated as 'red drop'), and that is the symbol linked to practicesHindu religious: very widespread in past centuries, still today it is an essential element in India, in fact, although we see how women who carry it most are also men who do not hesitate to place this point made with turmeric dustRed mixed with vaseline, in the center of the forehead.

There are several theories about the meaning of the ancient tradition of carrying a bindi.One of them is ancient and dates back to 1500 to.C.When, during the weddings, the union was sealed with a drop of the bride's blood on the forehead of the bride.Over the centuries, the blood was replaced by color dust.

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In the past, then, in northern India, married women used it to point out their state, and in southern India, however, the Bindi applied at the forehead of all girls.

Finally, according to the believers of tantrism, the position of the decoration is important, since it is exactly in the chakra that represents the exit point of the Kundalini energy.For this reason, it is believed that the Bindi placed at that point may contain energy, although it would strengthen the forehead chakra, also known as "third eye".

There are also theories that have to do with religion although the red or bindi point is something that is placed to all who wishes to enter an Indian temple.In fact, you can only enter these temples if you are Hindu and hence people are marked with the red point, to somehow show respect and thereby "become" in Hindu.

Is there Bindis in other colors?

A curious fact about the point that the Hindus are placed on the forehead is that it can be found in other colors in addition to red.Specifically, there is black bindi that is used by widows as a sign of grief (although in Indian and Hindu culture one must dress in white to show the state of grief) or the bindi can be combined according to the color of the dress you wear(Do you know the brilliant Indian clothes?).Finally, in many traditional parties in India, a special bindi that is golden color is usually used.