Five uses of fashionable soap to clean your house in an easy way

Five uses of fashionable soap to clean your house in an easy way

This type of product, which is also known as soft, is made up of vegetable oils of natural origin. Specifically, Beltrán soap does not have dyes or perfumes either.

We already told you that it can be used to make your floors shine or to clean the kitchen hood and oven, but its most widespread use is to remove stains from clothing. It is effective in removing the most difficult and also chafing, which is why it becomes an alternative to conventional detergents, since it can be used in the washing machine. It also stands out for taking care of the fabrics of the garments. It can be used to whiten bibs and remove stains from babies' clothes if there has been a leak or clean sweat stains.

Cleaning tips | Beltrán soap has multiple uses to clean Mercadona

Other uses of Beltrán soap

This type of potassium soap is also very effective for washing make-up sponges and reusable cotton pads. You just have to put them under the tap and rub with the soap that you have previously put on your hand. Rinse well. It is not necessary to use a lot of product, otherwise it will generate a lot of foam that will be difficult for you to remove.

Another way to use this soap is for pans and pots that are black. Pass a little product through the ass and rub with a scouring pad.

Finally you can use it as an insecticide. It is best to dilute a couple of tablespoons of Beltrán soap in hot water, until a fairly liquid mixture is created that you can put in a spray bottle. With this mixture you can spray the plants and it will be very effective in repelling the most uncomfortable mosquitoes.

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