Rompers, bodies and more: how to dress a newborn in summer so that he does not get cold or hot

Rompers, bodies and more: how to dress a newborn in summer so that he does not get cold or hot

Dressing a newborn can be complicated at any time of the year, but it is surely in summer when we have the most doubts about what clothes to choose for the baby. So that you do not get cold or hot, it is essential to have the right clothes, to face the changes in temperature that occur throughout the day.

It is true that newborns have a body degree less than an adult, but covering them in excess is not convenient either. If the baby is overheated he may have discomfort, rashes or become dehydrated. If he is too exposed to the sun he can get sunburned, and if the temperatures drop and he is not warm enough, he can catch a cold. Therefore, avoid direct sunlight and do not leave it in an area with drafts.

The fabrics you choose are also very important. 100% cotton garments, light and comfortable, will always be the best option. They help you regulate temperature, they are breathable and, very important at any time of the year, they respect your delicate skin. Also, try to wear light-colored clothing to keep it cooler, as dark colors absorb heat easily. Next, we will tell you what clothes can help your baby always feel comfortable this summer, without being cold or hot.

the first set

The outfits that the baby uses in his first days of life are the ones that you should take with you to the hospital. It is true that we are talking about not covering him too much, but as soon as he is born he faces a big change in temperature after nine months in his mother's belly, and it is necessary to keep him warm a little more. A thin cotton long-sleeved romper can be perfect, as can a long-sleeved bodysuit with leggings.

Newborn romper from Bó

The body, essential

The body is the garment that babies use the most, especially in the first months. Long-sleeved in winter, short in spring and strappy in summer, they are essential. Obviously, they must be made of cotton, and always in your size. That is, it should be slightly loose, but not too big and, of course, never tight. At other times of the year it is an undergarment, but in summer it may be the only clothing they wear to be comfortable and cool.

Bodysuits with straps from H&

The lullaby, always with you

You can also use a muslin or cotton sheet. The idea is that you always have one on hand to be able to cover the baby, without it being excessive, if the temperature drops or you enter an air-conditioned place. This way you can go cool when it's hot, but be covered simply and effectively when needed.

Baby blanket from

frogs and dresses

The frogs are a kind of pant-pants that covers the diaper and allows the baby to be dressed but without getting hot. At the top you can wear a light shirt with short sleeves or straps.

Strappy dresses are also cool and usually have a matching frog. It is important that they are not long so as not to cover the legs. If you need to keep them warm, it is better to opt for a romper.

Summer dress from Neck &

the clothes to sleep

This is one of the most delicate moments, since the temperature can change throughout the night. If the heat is evident and constant, the baby can sleep only with the diaper. You can use light pajamas or a light cotton jacket to keep you warm. In any case, make sure that he goes to bed well hydrated and that the room is ventilated.

Baby pajamas from Petit

Socks, not shoes

Newborns don't need shoes of any kind since they don't walk, and could only be uncomfortable and overheated. If you think it's cool and you need to cover your feet, wear thin cotton socks or booties. They will have time to wear all kinds of shoes.

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