How to take care of a premature baby

How to take care of a premature baby

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One of the best news that a couple can receive is the arrival of a baby into the world. From that moment, aspects such as her well-being and happiness become priorities, even more so if the infant is born prematurely or with effects on her health.

A baby, whose birth occurs before week 37, is considered premature, in addition the physical characteristics are: low weight and height, problems regulating their temperature, reddish skin color, head noticeably larger than the body, among others. They also suffer breathing problems or difficulties to be fed, depending on the weeks of gestation.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), prematurity is one of the leading causes of infant mortality.

One of the most effective methods is direct contact between mother and child. According to the WHO, 75% of newborn deaths can be prevented simply by taking this action during those first crucial days. In addition, the following tips should be taken into account for the best care of the premature baby:


Cómo cuidar de un bebé prematuro

Before leaving the hospital

Medical personnel will need to assess the following:

Finally at home

An alternative to diapers is Huggies, from Kimberly-Clark, which has a line called Huggies First 100 Days, with a portfolio of specialized newborn care products. Within this set of solutions, the brand offers the only special diaper for premature babies.

"Huggies is also part of the struggle of these little ones, which is why we created this category of special care, designed to provide all the comfort to premature babies," says Claudia Zabala, Huggies Brand Manager in Bolivia.

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