Anahí launches as a baby clothes designer with Baby Creysi'

Anahí launches as a baby clothes designer with Baby Creysi'

Anahí, a former member of Rebelde, will launch baby clothes together with the Mexican children's clothing brand 'Baby Creysi' in the United States. The famous is in a new stage, because in addition to being a singer and actress, the famous will participate as a designer of four new clothing collections.

The first collection of the famous ex-member of Rebelde will be called “Quality and love”. According to what was mentioned in a statement, the Anahí garments that will be launched for sale in the United States are: rompers, diaper bags and outer pieces to dress babies.

The clothes that are characterized by on-trend colors will be sold on Amazon, some department stores and at Baby Creysi.

“Baby Creysi I love it. She brings me beautiful memories; I used it when I was little and it was my mom's favorite brand, that's why my babies use it today. As a brand, it has the potential to stand out in the US market for its high quality and designs that allow it to compete internationally,” Anahí said about this new facet.

In addition, as if that were not enough, Anahí will also have her participation as a writer with a fortnightly column 'Challenges for today's mothers and families' on the Baby Creysi site.

“We are a generation of moms and families who said yes to the biggest challenge of our lives and we want to grow up to see our children transform into people who will lead the future. We are strong, independent and multitasking moms and dads who seek to give love to our children on a daily basis in simple and profound ways, without leaving behind our personal development”, admitted Anahí.

In this regard, David Cohen Sitton, general director of Baby Creysi, the entrance of the clothing brand to the United States is a great step for the expansion of the brand that for almost 50 years has been consolidated among the most beloved of Mexican families.

“We all have a story with Baby Creysi, it is a brand loved by families in Mexico that has remained in the top of mind for almost 50 years and continues to connect with new generations. With our entry into the United States market, we are expanding our distribution network and clients, to reach the Hispanic and North American community that is looking for our products,” said David Cohen Sitton.

With information from Millennium