The tan with tape, fashionable in Rio de Janeiro

The tan with tape, fashionable in Rio de Janeiro

Janeiro River (AP).- When the pandemia hit Rio de Janeiro, Sabrina Crespo da Silva and her friends were forced to live without the beach for the first time.But they could not bear the loss of their tanned, so they began to lie on the roof.

Then, although the beaches of the city reopened, they were worried about returning to the crowded shore of people when the Brazilians continued to spread of Coronavirus.

In addition, on the beach they could not obtain the perfectly defined tan lines that have become a river badge - which are increasingly obtained with insulating tape instead of bikinis.

Da Silva sensed a chance.

"Everyone wants that little brand," he told The Associated Press after apply.Women come from their Turano favela and other neighborhoods.

"During the pandemic, the roof halls became very popular," he said.

With Samba music, newly squeezed juices and a view of the legendary Maracaná stadium, Da Silva's new business offers an alternative for those who fear Covid-19 or wish to avoid hordes on the beaches.

El bronceado con cinta, de moda en Río de Janeiro

In an impromptu room for garments, she covers the upper and lower naked intimate parts of women with gauze pieces, then place the tape on the most symmetrically as possible.When removing them, which is facilitated by sweat in temperatures that usually exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit, reveal the coveted marked lines that a more loose fabric bikini cannot create.

On Thursday, 10 women and two men absorbed the summer sun rays.They sat in reclining chairs and maintained a distancing - a contrast to the beaches that, even during the week, can be crowded with many bodies that when passing represent nearby contacts.

Covid wave

The number of coronavirus cases in Río has been increasing and, although the wave of the omicron variant has not caused a disease as serious as last year, the mayor postponed the world -famous carnival for two months, for April.

Many seem to import little, and beaches, bars and restaurants are crowded.But others are worried.

"Now with this pandemic, it is like that," said Raiane Santos, 16, resting on the roof of Da Silva.The teenager lives in the Botafogo neighborhood, which is much closer to the white sand beaches of Rio than to the Turano favela."The beach is filling a lot.I like the beach, but not with so many people ".

Where it started

The tan with insulating tape became popular by the music video of the local treitta star and is increasingly common in cities along the extensive coast of Brazil.The black tape in Anitta's video is still the favorite of customers, according to Da Silva, but they can choose a variety of colors and models.

Da Silva's tan hall, with the name of "Sabrina Bronze", has more activity on weekends, and it limits the number of customers to 20 at the same time.Many appreciate it

"I wanted to gather but not go to the beach, for the pandemic," said Rita Silene, 52 years old."I came here for the first time two months ago.Since then I have not stopped doing it ”.