Guru tips: this is how order should be with children according to Marie Kondo

Guru tips: this is how order should be with children according to Marie Kondo

We know that order with children at home is sometimes a utopia. But it is important to apply a series of "rules" to keep your child's room organized, the house in general and, in addition, teach the little ones to be tidy. The guru of order Marie Kondo, through the book Kiki & Jax (which in Spain was titled Lili and Teo: the magic of friendship), gives the keys to children through these two characters who live adventures in which they show all the good things that have to be ordered. If you need some guidelines to know how to deal with order, here are the main ones of the Konmari method applied to children.

Didactic reading

If you want children to understand what order means, you can incorporate Marie Kondo's book designed for them into night reading. It is a story illustrated by Salina Yoon, about the adventures of Kiki and Jax (or Lili and Teo in the Spanish version), a squirrel and an owl, inseparable but very different friends. Page after page will teach little ones the joys they achieve when they put order in their lives.

Guru Tips: This is how the order with children according to Marie Kondo

Learning to order is learned in childhood and improves throughout life. It is clear that if children imitate what they see, this also applies in a matter of order. They have to see habits of order in adults and you have to let them try (although later, when they don't look, you reorganize what they have tried to do). This help is good for them and for the parents to feel more helped. "You have to lead by example, because children imitate what they see; establish routines. It is good to start with small tasks to be able to get used to them from the beginning, always in a positive and patient way," advises Kondo.

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