5 YouTube channels to learn to knit for free

5 YouTube channels to learn to knit for free

MEXICO CITY.- Tom Daley, a 27-year-old British diver and gold medal winner, was caught knitting while he was a spectator at the Tokyo 2020 games.

Many people argued that she started knitting, to deal with stress. We don't know, but the fabric can mean many things to each person.

If you are curious to start this activity, either as a hobby or to dedicate yourself to creating your own garments, here are YouTube channels where you can learn to knit for free.

1. SoyWoollyendirecto

This channel is focused on teaching new stitches, modern and current patterns, techniques and tricks for knitting with two needles. It has clear and detailed instructions, which allow you to learn quickly. Also, it has 503,000 subscribers, a blog and other social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

2. We Are Knitters

5 YouTube channels to learn how to knit free

They seek to reinterpret the concept of weaving and turn it into a modern activity. The tutorials are focused on teaching people to knit and learn different crochet techniques. In addition, they talk about the materials that are needed to weave the garments that we are going to use.

It has 39,000 subscribers, a page, and social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, among others.

3. Lara Knittyourself

Lara is the creator of this channel, who teaches the basic techniques to learn to knit. She has an online store, in which she sells kits with everything necessary to knit, for example, needles, wool and patterns. The bad thing is that the store is in Spain. The good thing is that the classes on YouTube can be taken from Mexico and are free.

4. Adorei Handmade

This channel is mainly focused on crochet, knitting, patterns and gives explanations to learn step by step.

It has tutorials for different types of garments, such as scarves, baby clothes, knitted dolls for children, ponchos, curtains, etc.

5. Pearl Knitter-Clara Mateo

This channel is focused on teaching how to knit a new stitch every week. They have a blog to consult their manuals and tricks. Although it hasn't been updated for a few years, it has 36 videos in which it explains a variety of stitches to learn how to knit them.