Economy Economy Mercadona's miraculous product that whitens your clothes and eliminates difficult stains

Economy Economy Mercadona's miraculous product that whitens your clothes and eliminates difficult stains

One more month, Mercadona supermarkets continue to devastate the sale of their products. If this summer has focused on marketing new food products related to cold and summer products, now, the Valencian chain is sweeping with a cleaning product that is causing a sensation among its customers. It is sodium percarbonate, a basic product for our clothes that has been uncovered as one of the most requested by supermarket customers.

This product focuses on removing the deepest stains from our white clothes in a natural way. Composed of oxygen, water and sodium carbonate, it is a natural cleaning product that has no harmful effects on the environment and that is uncovered as a powerful stain remover and whitener for the most delicate clothes in our wardrobe.

Its uses are very varied, but the most prominent is for the washing machine. With a standard wash, where we put detergent and fabric softener, we add a couple of tablespoons of Mercadona's sodium percarbonate in the detergent box. With a normal wash at 40 degrees, we will discover that, thanks to this product, our clothes come out white as the first day.

difficult stains

The product that is already sweeping Mercadona supermarkets is also a powerful bleach for stains that are more difficult to remove, such as chocolate or blood. For this type of stain, it is best to rub before putting the garment in the washing machine with a liter of water and two or three tablespoons of bleaching sodium percarbonate.

Once we have rubbed the garment well, we put it in the washing machine at a temperature of 40 degrees. Complicated blood or chocolate stains will be gone almost as if by magic.

But we have to keep in mind that it is a powerful product with white clothes. We must not insert or use it with colored clothing as it could discolor the fabric.

Where does that efficiency come from?

Although it is a natural product that does not have added chemical compositions, it is a powerful solution for stains on white clothes. Its effectiveness is due to the fact that, when it comes into contact with water, it begins a process of decomposition into oxygen, water and carbonate, which enhances the whitening power of common detergents.

This ensures that we do not have the need to use other added products such as special stain softener.

In Mercadona we can find it in the cleaning section at a price of 1.75 in packages of 750 grams.