For its comfort and your rest: the 8 best hammocks for babies

For its comfort and your rest: the 8 best hammocks for babies


Who, arriving at night, has a good story for children and a warm Nordic cover is almost lucky as who has done with one of the best valued baby hammocks of the moment.They rest on your side and watch everything while doing, at home or outside, other tasks.

What is the best baby hammock?

Characteristics analyzed in each of the models

Comparison of the best baby hammocks

The best according to psychologists: Hamaca Chicco Houpleà

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This hammock is special that the game bar that includes (an arc that rises on it from which accessories adapted to the child's age hangs) has been designed by psychologists.In this way, it is a complement that contributes to the sensory, cognitive and motor development of the child.It is also very practical because it is adjustable, that is, it adopts four different positions and you can pass from one to another with the side buttons.

Another thing that stands out is that it is equipped with a very soft reducing cushion, for when the baby is very small.He wraps him and ensures his posture, especially when you use the hammock not in a fixed mode but in rocker;Because, incidentally, it has the two options.

PROS: It can be used as a hammock until six months and let the child use it as a comfortable seat from then on according to their weight, so it is a lasting and versatile hammock.

Cons: weighs more than four kilos when the average weight of babies hammocks, so that it is easy to transport them, is just over two.

It is an economy and safe hammock designed by a consolidated firm and endorsed from the cognitive point of view by the psychologists that you can use from the first months of life of the baby thanks to its reducing cushion.

The best for baby up to two years: Babybjörn Balance Soft Balance

Buy for € 200 in Babyjörn

Light and easy to transport from one room to another and away from home (because it folds easily) this hammock is one of the best valued and, consequently, of the best selling.This is due, among other things, to which it is very versatile and lasting.The Balance Soft hammock can be used from the baby's birth to the age of two years.

As your baby grows and learns to control the balancing, the hammock is even more fun and also stimulates the baby's balance and motor skills.The natural balancing of hammock usually has a soothing effect on a very small baby.In the first months (until the child reaches the weight of nine kilos), you can use it as a baby hammock.When the baby weighs more and is able to sit on its own, just turn the fabric and turn the hammock into a comfortable child seat.You can use it as a seat until the child despite 13 kilos.

In addition, you have a wide additional fabric seats in mesh, 3D or cotton jersey and, in case all these things were few, you have the endorsement that it is safe and comfortable for the baby because it has been developed with the collaboration of specialist doctors.

Pros: You can use it until the child turns about two years (according to their weight).

Cons: is not the cheapest model.

It is an especially popular hammock so you can find spare parts in many places and it is so light that you will take you with you anywhere.

The best combination for restless families: Babybjörn pack

Buy for € 335 in Babybjörn

Por su comodidad y tu descanso: las 8 mejores hamacas para bebés

This one that we show you is a kit that has designed the brand we showed you above: Babybjörn, which is one of the most acclaimed firms in terms of hammock design and baby backpacks.We could not miss the opportunity to present it to you because, if you are a restless couple who, not having babies resist and continues to make plans, will come by Maraviilla.

The "small kit" for newborns contains a small and easy -to -use minimochilla minimochilla for your first months of life, when your baby needs a lot of physical contact;And the Bliss hammock, similar to the one we would suggest above but with a different frame color.The soft backpack fabric adapts to the baby's shape and offers optimal support, while the proximity with your child will strengthen your link.

Pros: For only € 135 more you take the complete pack and not just the hammock.

Cons: the backpack only includes a cover.

A perfect economical kit for adventurous families.

The best for classic parents: jané fold pale hammock

Buy for € 125 at El Corte Inglés

This baby stick hammock, for the pattern of the case with which it comes by default and its forms, is one of the most classic, in appearance, of which we show you on this list.It is very light and the best thing is that you can fold very easily so you can take it anywhere.In addition, its chassis is made of 100% aluminum so it is especially lasting and resistant, qualities that are usually common characteristic of all the strollers made by this Spanish manufacturer with more than 90 years of experience.

It is a medium price hammock that can be adjusted to two different positions and in which the baby will be able to sleep or play.Its upholstery is padded, unbalanced and washable.The hammock weighs just under three kilos so you can take it everywhere and its plastic areas can be cleaned with a humid cloth easily.

PROS: There are quite a few options for replacement covers in El Corte Inglés.

Cons.It has less adjustable positions than other models.

It is a hammock, recommended until nine months of age, perfect for your child's break and that also includes games bar and boasts a detailed design.

The best for parents who worship technology: hammock 4moms

Buy for € 219 at El Corte Inglés

The 4moms rockaroo hammock arrives to revolutionize the swing concept.It gives greater sense of movement than a traditional hammock but, unlike a babies swing, it is designed to move more from top to bottom.Its base is especially solid and, although it misses you, it occupies less space than the legs that hammocks usually carry.

This hammock has five speeds that you can change as you want to stimulate or relax to your baby.In addition, you can take care of doing things at home and have the guarantee that it will be relaxed and calm because the hammock has integrated speakers and you can, through them, reproduce their favorite music or even your voice, having previously recorded you.It has a USB port.

Pros: It is unscathed and can be put in the washing machine.

Cons: it works plugged into the electricity grid and, although it has an optional reversible reducer for newborns, it is not included.

If more than a simple hammock you are looking for your baby an intelligent assistant that acquires it and sing so that it is calm or anime as the case may be, this is the model you need.

The most robust and manageable: Maxi Cosi Kori Supercompacta

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This hammock is especially solid and you can use it since the baby is born until it weighs nine kilos, that is, approximately until it is six months.For the newborn it has, like other models that we have shown you, a reducing cushion.You can use it in a fixed position or as a rocker but it does not carry batteries or plug.It is also reclining and adopts three different positions.

The seat of this hammock is designed to correctly hold the child's neck, neck and head.We especially like this hammock because it weighs less than two and a half kilos, it is very light and compact, but at the same time robust and stable.In addition, it can be reclined with one hand and esmuy easy to fold.As if that were not enough, you don't need assembly!

Pros: It is unlockable and the case has a zipper closure so it will always be firm and well tight.


If you are looking for a solid hammock that will serve your baby and for those who come from Maxi Cosi is the one you are looking for.A brand that is part of the Dorel Juvenile company, who is responsible for the design, manufacture and distribution, has more than 75 years in the baby articles market.

The best for moms that telework: Babymoov electric hammock

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In line with 4moms but with fewer performance and a cheaper price, you find this Babymoov electrical balance.The model is called Swoon Motion and is designed to calm the baby with a lateral or backward swing.You can also use it as a fixed hammock.It has only two positions but 360 degrees can be turned.In addition, it has five swinging speeds and has eight cradle songs and pre -recorded nature that can be put to your baby.It also has games arc.

In case all these things were few, the hammock we show you has a movement sensor and this may be one of its strengths.The balancing stops when the baby falls asleep and automatically restarts if it moves.Its use is recommended until nine months.

PROS: Includes a removable reducer for newborn and works with batteries or plugged into the current.

Cons: weighs almost nine kilos and you have to have enough space at home or the car to store and transport it.

It is an adjustable height hammock that you can place by your side while teleworking and in which your baby will be comfortable until his nine months.

The best for the newborn: swing/hammock Fisher Price Terrazo

Buy for € 55 at El Corte Inglés

Without being an intelligent swing or hammock, this design by Fisher Price bounces gently with the baby's natural movements and offers relaxing vibrations just by touching a button.Besides, did you know that the toy bar that would be if you lie in this hammock located above its head is especially useful for working thick motor skills and the small sensory skills?Thick motor skills are the great movements that are made with arms, legs, feet or whole body.On the contrary, fine motor skills are movements that require precision, in which we use hands, dolls, fingers, lips and tongue.

This hammock is designed for children of up to nine kilos and has machine washable seat cushion, adjustable harness with three hitch points and non -slip legs.

Pros: Weighs less than three kilos so you can take her with you everywhere.

Cons: it is not a reclining hammock.

It is a perfect economic hammock for your child's first months of life.

What to take into account when choosing a baby hammock?

The first thing you have to keep in mind is if you are going to use it only at home or if you are going to want to take it with you when you leave because the weight in this sense is decisive.On the other hand, in terms of durability, not only does it matter what material is made but for what weight (the baby) is recommended.There are some that adopt different positions and that, consequently, can be used until the child even fulfills the two years.You also have to keep in mind if where you are going to place it, you have a plug close or if you are simply interested.You may prefer to move naturally with the balancing of the little.The positions you take and if you can put fixed and in a rocker mode are also interesting things that you can contemplate.

Types of Baby Tammates

There are several types of baby hammocks but we fundamentally differentiate the manuals from electric and intelligent.Then they are distinguished by the positions they adopt, the speeds they have (if they have them), the age for which they are recommended and the characteristics of the tissue that have been used.Extras that include each also affect the purchase decision.

Advantages of having a baby hammock at home

The hammocks not only guarantee the optimal position for the baby and ensure a correct head, neck and back position but also allow you to learn by observing the world.Game bars stimulate their thick motor skills and skills and you also give you the peace of mind of being watching them while you do other things.

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