Kim Kardashian looks totally unrecognizable in the announcement of the Sears clothing line resurfaced with the Khloe and Kourtney sisters

Kim Kardashian looks totally unrecognizable in the announcement of the Sears clothing line resurfaced with the Khloe and Kourtney sisters

Kim Kardashian and her Khloe and Kourtney sisters looked completely unrecognizable in an old Sears advertisement by fans.

The appearances of Keeping Up with the Kardashians have changed dramatically over the years, and fans were surprised by the comparison.

A fan resorted to Reddit to share a great compilation of the advertising campaigns of the Kardashian family since they reached fame.

Ancient ads covered more than a decade and included weight loss posters, dietary supplements, clothing and shoes campaigns, underwear, jewelry and perfumes.

However, a particular poster caught the attention of fans, since Kim, 41, and his sisters posed for the Sears hardware store.

In the image, the trio looked completely unrecognizable, before his adventures of plastic surgery and photoshop.

KKW Beauty's founder posed smiling with her hand on her hip, wearing a black and white print dress and smooth black heels.

However, the shape of his face looked very different, since his long dark strands fell on his shoulders.

Khloe, 37, occupied the central place, wearing a long -sleeved long -sleeved lace top with loop detail, leather shields and the same black heels as her older sister.

The Telerreality star wore light brown hair and showed its famous curves, although astronomically different from its current thin and blond appearance.

Kim Kardashian se ve totalmente irreconocible en el anuncio de la línea de ropa Sears resurgido con las hermanas Khloe y Kourtney

Kourtney, 42, took the left side of the photo, smiling happily with his hands on his hips.

The television personality wore a light pink fluid dress combined with a cheese blazer and black patent leather shoes to join everything.

The mother of three children wore long and wavy hair when she joined her sisters for the session.

The girls promoted their old fashion line of Sears ‘Kardashian Kollection’ in the announcement, a collaboration that took place between 2011 and 2015.

Reddit users were surprised both for how different the girls were seen, and for how extreme the campaign edition was.

"WTF ...", wrote one simply, while a second commented: "Kourtney's faces and Khloe disturb me deeply for some reason ...".

"That doesn't even look like Kourtney, it's crazy," said another.

"Some of these are really scary," joked a room.

Another commented: "Photoshop on his faces was so disturbing that they barely resembled them".

«Sears's poster is horrible.The hunched posture and giant hair makes them look like small trolls.Very strange.However, it was fun to see it, in such a different time, ”added one.


As the premiere of the new Kardashian Hulu program is approaching quickly, fans have been interested in discovering ancient content of the famous family.

A principios de esta semana, un usuario de TikTok compiló imágenes de Rob Kardashian, de 34 años, luciendo «caliente» en su E! programa, y ​​los espectadores afirmaron que estaban «enamorados» de él durante la sexta temporada en 2011.

A fan with the identifier Dashcity shared a large number of rob videos speaking in confessionals from season one to 20.

The spectators collapsed to see the shy star of Telerreality wearing thin and wearing a hint of incipient beard.

By sharing the video in a Kardashian Reddit thread, one wrote: "Season 6 Rob Oh my life" with heart -eye emojis.

Another added: "That was when I fell in love with him", while a third agreed: "Rob is a bombón.Damn, he was so handsome ».

Rob's struggles

Unlike the other Kuwtk stars, Rob prefers to stay out of the center of attention and is not on social networks.

He suffers from diabetes and has had numerous hospital visits since his diagnosis in 2015, in addition to fighting his weight in recent years.

Although the star now maintains her private life privately, she fought against mother baby blac chyna in an unpleasant battle for custody for years.

After leaving briefly, the former couple welcomed her daughter Dream on November 10, 2016.

He celebrated the fifth birthday of the little girl with her sister Khloe at the end of last year with an incredible party with the song of Barbie.

Despite the emotion surrounding Kardashian's last adventure, a source revealed that Rob will not be part of the new series.

They told Hollywoodlife: «Rob will not appear in his Hulu program because he does not want his life or the life of his daughter to be part of him.Everyone respects this decision.

“Do the program with E!He caused him nothing more than pain and difficulties, since she had several hospitalizations ».

"[The show] also opened a gap between him and Kim [Kardashian] in a moment," they shared.

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