Sudamina, dermatitis and an allergic reaction, these are their differences

Sudamina, dermatitis and an allergic reaction, these are their differences

Baby's skin is very sensitive and, in summer, it becomes even more evident. Many have small pimples, redness and tiny wounds that make us wonder if it is an allergy, if they have been sunburned, if it is an allergic reaction to mosquito repellent or maybe we changed our soap during the holidays and it's not agreeing to you at all. In other words, the options that come to mind are infinite and, since we are not experts, we do not know what it is or what to do.

A baby's skin is so sensitive that it reacts easily to any attack. Keep in mind that it is the natural barrier that our body has to face external aggressions and, in summer, we are more exposed. The heat, the sweat, all the creams that we give them too much, the rubbing of the diapers or the clothes themselves make the skin irritated and infections can appear.

One of the problems that appears the most at this time is the so-called sudamine, characterized by a set of rednesses that, having never seen it, we can confuse it with atopic dermatitis or an allergic reaction. However, neither the cause of its appearance is the same, nor its treatment nor its possible prevention. Do you want to know how to identify each of them?

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Sudamine, dermatitis and an allergic reaction, these are their differences

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Sudamin, a heat rash very common in summer

Sudamin, also known as miliaria, is a skin rash that usually appears in the summer months due to heat Especially in babies under two years of age. Its appearance is due to an obstruction of the sweat glands that, when clogged, prevent sweat from escaping. It is not at all serious, it is not bothersome for the baby and, in summer, it is common for several sudamine outbreaks to appear.

What does it look like? They are small red bumps or reddish blisters with clear contents, which can become tiny white dots, which usually affect the face, forehead, neck , chest or back. They are the areas where the baby sweats the most, but they can occur anywhere on the body.

Forms of prevention

Most appropriate treatment: Contrary to what has often been offered as a remedy in this case, the application of talcum powder or creams is not indicated, as it is a rash that tends to disappear on its own, after a few days and leave no mark.

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Atopic dermatitis, an annoying disease

Sudamin can be confused with atopic dermatitis, it is the most frequent confusion. However, the latter is a disease of unknown origin that usually appears in childhood, almost always before the age of three, with very specific symptoms: