The best offers in diapers and wipes for your Amazon Prime Day 2021 baby

The best offers in diapers and wipes for your Amazon Prime Day 2021 baby

All parents will agree that the expense that a baby in diapers is.But, in addition to the diapers, we must add the wipes, the absorbent panties if the pipi is still escaped when they are a little older or the creams against irritations in the culete.Therefore, it is important to look for offers to buy all these baby hygiene products at the best price.

The Prime Day, the largest Amazon offers event, is a perfect occasion to equip ourselves with all these products at the best price.

Dodot diapers with more than 30% discount, Drynites panties with 35% or a pack of diaper cream Eryplast Lustine at half price.These are just some of the offers you can find and that you should not let out.


36% discount (save 15.27 euros)

Dodot Aqua Pure (18 packages pack, 864 wipes)

Aqua pure wipes are made with 99% water for a delicate cleaning of baby skin.The remaining 1% includes soft ingredients that help recover the natural pH of the skin and prevent irritations.

In addition, they are made with natural fibers, 100% organic cotton so that contact with the baby's skin is very soft.

These wipes are appropriate for the skin from day one and have been dermatologically tested.They do not contain perfume, alcohol, phenoxietanol and parabens.

With this offer you can have wipes for several months and save more than 15 euros.

Comprar por 27,72 € en Amazon

28% discount (save 7.50 euros)

Dodot Sensitive (15 packages pack, 810 wipes)

Today, with a 28% discount we can also get this pack of 15 packages of Dodot sensitive wipes.Appropriate wipes for all babies from day one because they offer optimal protection of the newborn skin.

Its composition instantly helps recover natural pH in delicate skin and prevents skin irritation.

Dermatologically tested, without perfume and 0% phenoxietanol, parabens and alcohol.

Comprar por 19,49 € en Amazon


29% discount (save 15 euros)

Dodot sensitive, 240 diaper pack (0.15 euros the unit)

The sensitive dodot are one of the best valued diapers for little babies.They are very soft, they contain a layer with ‘ultra-absorbent’ stripes that help distribute moisture evenly providing the maximum absorption both in pipí, and in liquid cacas.

It also presents a special finish in the belly that protects the baby with a soft and comfortable finish around the umbilical cord cutting.

Las mejores ofertas en pañales y toallitas para tu  bebé del Amazon Prime Day 2021

In addition, they have a yellow strip that becomes blue when it detects moisture, a very useful way of knowing if our little girl needs a diaper change.

Today you will find on offer the sensitive dodot of all sizes and in packs of 240, 276, 190 or 168 diapers.

Comprar por 35,99 € en Amazon

31% discount (you save 20.32 euros)

Dodot Activity, 224 diaper pack (0.20 euros the unit)

According to the Dodot brand, Activity are their best diapers and many mothers and fathers will agree.They stand out on other brands and models for joining their great absorption power with a design designed for babies who already walk and have a lot of movement.

They are made with high quality materials, they are very soft and have an ultra-absorbent layer ‘Cora-Soft’ that avoids leaks even if the child is jumping and running.

In addition, their air channels create space for air to circulate inside the diaper providing dry and aerated skin.This perspiration prevents redness and frictions from appearing, being one of the most indicated diapers for children with delicate skin.

Comprar por 44,67 € en Amazon

33% discount (save 12.09 euros)

Huggies Ultra Comfort, 168 diaper pack (0.14 euros the unit)

These diapers are designed for babies who already start crawling and moving a lot.They have a narrower anatomical form between the legs for the most comfort of the baby and a very adaptable elastic waist.In addition, they are very absorbent thanks to their Dry Touch technology.

Today you will find on offer packs of size 3 (from 4 to 9 kg), size 4 (from 7 to 12 kg) and size 6 (from 15 to 30 kg).

Comprar por 24,20 € en Amazon

Absorbent panties:

33% discount (save 16 euros)

Dodot Happyjama, 68 units pack (0.47 euros the unit)

When the little one abandons the use of a diaper, he learns to control Pipi leaks.During the day it is easy to control it, but at night...It is common for a boy or girl of 3, 4 or 5 years to wake up with the wet bed.Until they learn to control sphincters during their sleep hours, these absorbent panties are very useful.

They are very absorbent, they are fine, comfortable and the kids will not seem to have a diaper.

Happyjama have a 360º adjustment with elastic waist and protection barrier that helps prevent slacks and leaks.In addition, it incorporates an exclusive technology that neutralizes the bad smell and its waist adjusts as underwear.

Comprar por 24,20 € en Amazon

35% discount (you save 19.06 euros)

Drynites, 64 units pack (0.55 euros the unit)

Drynites absorbent underwear and panties are designed to offer small protection that will keep them dry and safe all night.They are like real underwear, designed to use discreetly under the pajamas.Its elastic sides ensure a perfect adjustment and thanks to the soft and silent materials you will forget that you are wearing them.

In addition, they have children's drawings (bell or spiderman) as if they were clothing instead of a diaper.

Comprar con dibujos de Campanilla por 37,75 € en AmazonComprar con dibujos de Spiderman por 34,90 € en Amazon

Water diapers:

30% discount (you save 5.91 euros)

Dodot Splahers

Enjoy a day soak with babies that still wear a diaper can be a peliagudo if something that would not have to escape escapes.

If you do not want scares, water diapers are essential for the little ones, both on the beach and in the pool.You can take a couple and if the little one has leaks you change it and follow the day without further problems.

The dodot splashers do not swell, avoid leaks and are very easy to put and remove.

Today at Amazon you will find one of the best market diapers in the market with a 30% discount.A unique opportunity to get a product that you are going to use a lot in these next months.

Comprar por 37,75 € en Amazon

Other hygiene products:

57% discount (save 14.40 euros)

Diaper cream eryplast lustine e45, water paste (2 125gr bottles)

If you have a baby you will have already noticed that every two by three the culete is irritated.Redness for friction with the diaper, irritations caused by a little diarrhea and several more reasons.To avoid and treat it we must use a good diaper cream regularly.

Today, within the Prime Day offers, you will find a pack savings of two bottles of Eryplast Lustine.It is a water paste that calms, takes care and helps to protect against the causes of diaper dermatitis.An hypoallergenic cream, without perfumes, tested pediatrically and formulated to minimize the risks of allergic reactions.

Eryplast Lustine is very well valued by mothers and fathers, dermatologists and pediatrics professionals.

Comprar por 11 € en Amazon

43% discount (save 30 euros)

Tommee Tippee, diaper container with 6 spare parts

Newborn babies use a large number of diapers per day.When they begin to drink solid foods they do not need so many diaper changes, but their depositions smell fatal.Either for a reason or the other a diaper container is a great solution.

These practical garbage cubes wrap each diaper individually inside a plastic bag so that bad smells do not escape this, it will prevent you from going down to the streets to throw the trash every two by three by three.

Today in the Prime Day offers we find this model of the Tommee Tippe brand that is equipped with 6 bags of bags.In addition, spare parts are 98 % recycled and recyclable plastic.

Comprar por 39,99 € en Amazon

* Updated prices on June 22, 2021

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